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AHRQ Stats: Surgeries in Hospital-Based Ambulatory Surgery and Hospital Inpatient Settings

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In 2014, 17.2 million hospital visits (ambulatory or inpatient) included invasive, therapeutic surgeries. Over half of these visits (57.8 percent) occurred in a hospital-owned ambulatory surgery (AS) setting, and the remaining (42.2 percent) were inpatient. Private insurance was the primary expected payer for 48.6 percent of AS visits. Medicare was the most common payer among inpatient surgical stays (43.4 percent).

The following procedures were among the most common invasive, therapeutic ambulatory surgeries:

    • Lens and cataract procedures (99.9 percent performed in AS settings)
    • Excision of semilunar cartilage of knee (98.7 percent in AS)
    • Tonsillectomy (95.6 percent in AS)
    • Decompression peripheral nerve (95.2 percent in AS)
    • Inguinal and femoral hernia repair (92.0 percent in AS)
    • Incision or fusion of joint, destruction of joint lesion (80.4 percent in AS)
    • Operating room (OR) procedures of skin and breast (78.5 percent in AS)
    • Muscle, tendon, and soft tissue OR procedures (71.9 percent in AS)
    • Repair of diaphragmatic, incisional, and umbilical hernia (61.1 percent in AS)
    • Cholecystectomy (60.8 percent in AS)

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