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AboutHealthTransparency expands to include report card of report cards

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Discussions about healthcare quality and price transparency have been going on for a while. Back in 1999 the team at IPRO began tracking new healthcare report cards, and in 2006 we started reporting on developments in healthcare transparency at both state and national level. We also started tracking state legislation relating to healthcare public reporting. With national focus on the need for greater healthcare quality and price transparency intensifying, we realized the importance of continuing the work we had started, and of highlighting states that are moving in the right direction. Therefore, we are delighted to launch our revamped About Health Transparency Website ( to achieve these aims.

This ‘report card of report cards’ contains many new features:

  • Report card directory – a public report card directory at state and national level (and where available, international) of report cards reporting on the performance of healthcare facilities in relation to quality of care, pricing, patient safety, patient experience and infection reporting. These report cards highlight the variations in care among healthcare facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, managed care, physicians, home care and hospice care.
  • Report card rating/review system – How do we know if report cards are providing consumers with the information they need to explore their options and make informed decisions? To help us to track satisfaction levels we have included a way for users to rate and review the report cards they have already used.
  • Healthcare transparency news – We keep track of what’s happening in relation to healthcare transparency so you won’t have to! Follow the latest in healthcare transparency news with the site’s news feed. We are also monitoring what is happening internationally in healthcare transparency.

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