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AHRQ Stats: Care Provided by Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants

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About 54 percent of adults who saw their usual source of care provider in 2015 visited a practice that had two or more nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants.


  • Nearly two-thirds (61.8 percent) of children with a usual source of care (USC) provider and who visited them during 2015 had a USC that was an independent practice, compared to only about half of non-elderly adults.
  • The largest proportion of children and the elderly visited medium-sized practices that had between 4 and 10 physicians working full or part time at the practice.
  • For children, adults, and the elderly, about half of those who visited a USC in 2015 visited a practice that had 2 or more nurse practitioners or physician assistants.
  • An overwhelming majority of practices (95 percent or higher) visited as USC providers by children, adults, and the elderly routinely set aside time for same-day appointments.
  • A higher percentage of elderly than child patients visited practices where the electronic health record/electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) system sent guideline-based intervention or screening test reminders.

Source: AHRQ, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Statistical Brief #509: Characteristics of Practices Used as Usual Source of Care Providers during 2015, by Age – Results from the MEPS Medical Organizations Survey.

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