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Private Healthcare Information Network Website to Publish Consultant Performance Data Mid-July

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This summer the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) will begin publishing patient volumes and average length of stay for consultants working in private healthcare in England. They are doing this in line with legal requirements set out in the CMA Private Healthcare Markets Investigation Order 2014, as part of a wider program of work to improve transparency in safety and quality in private healthcare across the UK.

Consultants who appear as the ‘name above the bed’ are encouraged to review the data submitted about their practice, ensuring that it accurately reflects their clinical practice. This is available to view alongside data from their NHS practice in PHIN’s secure online portal, and is the only, independent source of whole-practice information.

From 5 June consultants will be able to begin the process of positively approving their patient numbers and length of stay, by procedure, for publication on PHIN’s public website at the end of July.

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