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NYS: Partnering with Navigators to Develop Condition-Specific OOPC Calculator

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Interesting post in Health Affairs Blog:  Lessons from New York State: Partnering  with navigators to develop a condition-specific, out-of-pocket cost calculator for those seeking to enroll in on- or off-exchange plans.

This is a New York-specific out of pocket cost (OOPC) calculator for the following 10 high cost, but relatively common health care conditions and life events: Bipolar Disorder, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Heart Disease, Hepatitis C, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Schizophrenia.  The calculator allows New Yorkers shopping for health insurance with these conditions or expecting the birth of a child to compare the differences in OOPCs across plans offered in their county. The OOPC estimates are based on the costs for medical services and prescription drugs that a New Yorker managing one of these high cost medical conditions or life events is likely to utilize in a given year. They are based on internationally and nationally recognized clinical guidelines.

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