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Korea: Physicians call for measures to prevent hospital infections

Korea Biomedical Review writes: Physicians urged measures to prevent hospital-acquired infections, in the wake of the recent deaths of newborns at Ewha Womans University Medical Center caused by a bacterial infection. As young children are more vulnerable to nosocomial infections, both medical institutions and the government should work together with pediatricians to minimize preventable infections, pediatricians said. The Korean Pediatric Society (KPS) held a special lecture session on improving management of hospital-associated infections at the Spring Academic Conference on Friday. One out of 10 hospital patients experience a medical mishap. Medical errors cause about 7.4 percent of hospital deaths. However, nearly half of medical errors, or 43.5 percent, are preventable. The KPS said it was time to come up with measures to prevent further medical mishaps and introduced its progress on working on the issue.

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