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HCCI Releases Interactive Graphic Tool Depicting Health Care Spending by Age, Group, Gender

The Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) has released an interactive graphic tool on how common different levels of health care spending are by age group and gender. While the numbers in this graph tool are not meant to be interpreted as specific predictions, it provides relatable examples of how individuals experienced substantial health care spending over various time periods. HCCI found that most people spend over $1,000 a year, and while health care spending above $20,000 in a year is rare, it was experienced by 10% of people in a three-year period. Their findings highlight the unpredictable nature of health care spending and build on the recent HCCI issue brief and accompanying NEJM Catalyst piece, which documented the substantial turnover among the group of top health care spenders. Within a single year, a majority of spending is incurred by a small number of people, but the individuals that make up this group change substantially over time.

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