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Report Reviews Five States Healthcare Spending, Finds No Single Way to Lower Costs

Modern Healthcare writes: Healthcare costs in five states differ because of variation in how services are used and the price of those services, according to a new report. The findings, published by the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement, highlight how solutions to lower healthcare spending will not be one-size-fits-all but will likely need to vary by state. The report focuses on Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon and Utah. The five states were highlighted because healthcare stakeholders in those states were willing to develop and provide the data needed for the analysis, which relied on commercial claims in 2015.  To get the results, the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement took the average total cost of healthcare across the five states and then compared that data. Utah’s total cost of healthcare was 4% below the average while Maryland was 16% below the average and Oregon was equal to the average. Colorado and Minnesota had higher than average healthcare costs with Colorado costs 17% above the average and Minnesota 7% above the average.

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