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Altarum & CPR Release 2017 Price Transparency and Physician Quality Report Card

Altarum’s Center for Payment Innovation (formerly the Health Care Incentives Improvements Institute) and Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) released the 2017 Price Transparency and Physician Quality Report Card. The report give each state separate quality transparency and price transparency grades and display these grades side-by-side for comparison, to highlights the need for improvement in both areas in many states. The report shows, at this point, there is no overlap among states that score high in price transparency tools and quality transparency tools. States with high price transparency grades have rich data sources and supply meaningful price information on a wide range of procedures and services that is presented on an accessible, publicly available web site.  States that received high grades for quality transparency had the following components in common, combined into a publicly available resource: Independent and impartial; freely available and timely data; data available on many physicians; meaningful quality measures and; findable and understandable for consumers.

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