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Expert Opinion: Expers Call CMS Hospital Star Ratings Delay a Major Failure for CMS

From Healthcare Finance News: Expert Opinion: When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services once again delayed the release of updated overall hospital quality star ratings on Hospital Compare, the agency was quoted as saying they decided not to proceed with the October update “to continue its examination of potential changes to the Star Rating methodology based on public feedback” and the star ratings released last December would remain on the Hospital Compare website until the next update, CMS said. Michael Abrams, managing partner of consulting firm Numeroff and Associates states the star ratings initiative has become a “problem child” for CMS. The delays are detrimental to the program and to patient safety, Abrams stressed, and the quest for a perfect methodology shouldn’t be allowed to be the enemy of forward progress. Dragging out the process and delaying implementation gives cover to a level of cultural resistance that needs to be addressed, and transparency is desperately needed.

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