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AHRQ Releases MONAHRQ 7 Build 4

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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released MONAHRQ 7 Build 4 software for download. Building on previous MONAHRQ 7 releases, the Build 4 update includes the following:

  • CMS Hospital and Nursing Home Compare Measure Updates – Host Users can report Hospital and Nursing Home ratings with the latest quarterly update released by CMS in April and May of 2017.
  • Google Chrome 64-bit Browser Support for MONAHRQ Websites – MONAHRQ websites now support Google Chrome 64-bit web browsers.
  • Minor Changes to Fix Bugs — Small issues associated with the MONAHRQ 7 application or the generated websites have been addressed in this software update.

The software and associated data sets and documentation can be download from the MONAHRQ website:

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