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New York State Health Profiles data updated

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The latest data update to the New York State Health Profiles Web site ( has been published.  The update included updates to hospital, nursing homes and home care hospice data.

Hospital data updated to include:

  • Updated information on facilities, certifications, designated centers,
  • Hospital quality data: PCI, Cardiac mortality reports, CMS hospital quality data
  • Inspections data: Surveillance and complaints data

Nursing homes data updated to include:

  • Complaints data, enforcement data, citations,
  • Nursing home quality data: CMS nursing home quality data (added 6 new measures)

Home Care/Hospice data updated to include:

  • Facility information, services, and counties served for CHHAs, Long-Terms (LTHHCPs), and Hospices Services, Counties Served for CHHAs, LTHHCPs, and Hospices
  • Branches/satellites for CHHAs, LTHHCPs, and Hospices
  • LHCSA facility information, services, and counties licensed-to-serve
  • Quality data: CMS home health quality data
  • Inspections data: Enforcement data, surveillance data, deemed agencies update
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