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AHRQ: Removal of v6.0 PSI Module Software & Replacement with v6.0.2 PSI Software Package: Forthcoming May 2017

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This announcement is for all users of the AHRQ Quality Indicators (QIs) that all 6.0 versions of the Patient Safety Indicator (PSI) Software Package for SAS QI and WinQI were temporarily removed from the AHRQ website and will be replaced with a revised 6.0.2 version that addresses a number of issues identified. These issues are described in brief below. For more detailsvisit:

Fixes to the PSI v6.0 ICD9CM Software include:

  • Correction to the 2013 Reference Population
  • Modified-Diagnostic Related Groups (MDRGs) 237 and 238 inclusion in the definition of surgical cases
  • Reassignment of MDRGs 520 and 521
  • Corrections to typographical errors in MDRG-specified risk factors

Enhancements to the PSI V6.0 ICD9CM Software include:

  • Expanded array to assign Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) groups
  • PSI 04 risk adjustment aligned with recent NQF re-endorsement (December 2016)
  • Streamline SAS code and eliminate confusing output
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