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Hospital Quality Data Updated on Hospital Compare

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Hospital quality data has been updated on CMS Hospital Compare as follows:

1. Structural measures
SM-PART-CARD, SM-PART-NURSE, SM-PART-GEN-SURG, SM-SS-CHECK, OP-12, OP-17, OP-25 reporting 14Q1-14Q4.  ACS-REGISTRY reporting 14Q4_15Q3

2. HCAHPS measures reporting 15Q1-15Q4

3. Timely & effective care: Colonoscopy follow-up OP-29, OP-30 reporting 14Q2_14Q4

4. Timely and effective care: AMI, HF, PN
AMI: OP-3b, OP-2, OP-5, OP-4, AMI-7a reporting to 15Q1_15Q4.  AMI-8a reporting 15Q1_15Q3
HF:  HF-2 reporting 15Q1_15Q3
PN:  PN-6 reporting 15Q1_15Q3
SCIP:SCIP-Inf-1a, SCIP-Inf-3a, SCIP-VTE-2, SCIP-CARD-2, SCIP-Inf-2a, SCIP-INF-9 reporting 15Q1_15Q3

5. ED
ED-1b, ED-2b, OP-18b, OP-20, OP-21, OP-23 reporting 15Q1_15Q4.  OP-22, EDV reporting 14Q1_14Q4

6. Preventive care:
IMM-2 reporting 14Q4_15Q1
IMM-3 reporting 15Q4_16Q1

7. HAI Measures reporting 15Q1_15Q4

8. 30 day Readmission Measures:
READM-30-COPD, READM-30-AMI, READM-30-HF, READM-30-PN, READM-30-STK, READM-30-CABG, READM-30-HIP-KNEE reporting 14Q3_15Q2. READM-30-HOSP-WIDE  reporting 14Q3_15Q2

9. 30 day Mortality Measures: MORT-30-COPD, MORT-30-AMI, MORT-30-HF, MORT-30-PN, MORT-30-STK, MORT-30-CABG reporting 12Q3_15Q2

10. Outpatient Imaging Efficiency: OP-8, OP-9, OP-10, OP-11, OP-13, OP-14 reporting 14Q3_15Q2

11. Payment & Value of Care
PAYM-AMI, PAYM-30-HF, PAYM-30-PN  reporting 12Q3_15Q2.
MSPB-1 reporting 15Q1_15Q4

12. Children’s asthma care: CAC-3 reporting 15Q1_15Q4

13. Stroke care: STK-4, STK-1, STK-6, STK-8 reporting 15Q1_15Q4. STK-3 STK-2, STK-5, STK-10 reporting 15Q1_15Q3

14. Blood clot prevention and treatment:
VTE-1, VTE-2, VTE-3, VTE-5, VTE-6 reporting 15Q1_15Q4.  VTE-4 reporting 15Q1_15Q3

15. Pregnancy & delivery care: PC-01 reporting 15Q1_15Q4

16. Surgical complications:
COMP-HIP-KNEE reporting 12Q2_15Q1

17. HAI measures:
HAI-1, HAI-1a, HAI-2, HAI-2a, HAI-3, HAI-4, HAI-5, HAI-6 reporting 15Q1_15Q4

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