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CMS Releases Updated Star Ratings, Quality Data on CMS Hospital Compare

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) have updated the star ratings on CMS Hospital Compare including the Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating that reflects comprehensive quality information about the care provided at our nation’s hospitals. The new Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating methodology takes 64 existing quality measures already reported on the Hospital Compare website and summarizes them into a unified rating of one to five stars. The rating includes quality measures for routine care that the average individual receives, such as care received when being treated for heart attacks and pneumonia, to quality measures that focus on hospital-acquired infections, such as catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Specialized and cutting edge care that certain hospitals provide such as specialized cancer care, are not reflected in these quality ratings.  More information available at

Hospital quality data has also been updated on CMS Hospital Compare as follows:

1. HCAHPS measures updated to report 14Q4_15Q3
2. Timely & effective care – Colonoscopy follow-up (2 new measures):
OP-29: Percentage of patients receiving appropriate recommendation for follow-up screening colonoscopy: 14Q2_14Q4 (updated annually)
OP-30: Percentage of patients with history of polyps receiving follow-up colonoscopy in the appropriate timeframe: 14Q2_14Q4 (updated annually)

3. Timely and effective care: AMI, HF, PN
AMI: OP3b, OP-5, OP-2, OP-4, AMI-7a, AMI-8a:  updated to report 14Q4_15Q3
HF: HF-2 : updated to report 14Q4_15Q3
PN: PN-6: updated to report 14Q4_15Q3
SCI: SCIP-Inf-1a, SCIP-Inf-2a, SCIP-Inf-3a, SCiP-INF-9, SCIP-VTE-2, SCIP-CARE-2: updated to report 14Q4_15Q3

4. ED:
EDV  measure reporting 14Q1_14Q4
ED-1b, ED-2b, OP-18b, OP-20, OP-21, OP-23: 14Q4_15Q3   OP-22 (Percentage of patients who left the emergency department before being seen – updated annually)  reporting 14Q1_14Q4

5. Preventive care
IMM-2, IMM-3-OP-27-FAC-ADHPCT:  reporting 14Q4_15Q1

6. Stroke Care
STK-1. STK-2, STK-3, STK-4, STK-5, STK-6, STK-8, STK-10: reporting 14Q4_15Q3

7. Blood Clot Prevention
VTE-1, VTE-2, VTE-3, VTE-4, VTE-5, VTE-6:  reporting 14Q4_15Q3

8. Pregnancy Care
PC-01: reporting 14Q4_15Q3

9. Surgical Complication
COMP-HIP-KNEE:  reporting 12Q2_15Q1
PSI-90-SAFETY, PSI-4-SURG-COMP: reporting 13Q3_15Q2
Measures with data updated but not displayed on CMS  hospital compare (data available on  PSI-3-ULCER, PSI-6-IAT-PTX, PSI-7-CVCBI, PSI-8-POST-HIP, PSI-12-POSTOP-PULMEMB-DVT, PSI-13-POST-SEPSIS, PSI-14-POSTOP-DEHIS, PSI-15-ACC-LAC: reporting 13Q3_15Q2

10. HAI measures:
HAI-1, HAI-2: reporting 15Q1_15Q3
HAI-3, HAI-4, HAI-5, HAI-6, HAI-1a, HAI-2A:  reporting 14Q4_15Q3

11. Readmission measures:
READM-30-HOSP-WIDE: reporting 14Q3_15Q2

12. Mortality measures:
MORT-30-COPD, MORT-30-AMI, MORT-30-HF, MORT-30-PN, MORT-30-STK, MORT-30-CABG: reporting 12Q3_15Q2

13. Imaging efficiency measures:
OP-8, OP-9, OP-10, OP-11, OP-13, OP-14: reporting 14Q3_15Q2

14. Payment measures
MSPB-1: reporting 14Q1_14Q4
PAYM-30-AMI, PAYM-30-HF, PAYM-30-PN: reporting 12Q3_15Q2

15. Structural measures
ACS-REGISTRY: reporting 14Q3_15Q2

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