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NHS to Receive £4bn in Drive for 'Paperless' Health Service

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BBC News reports the UK government has launched its latest attempt to improve the use of technology in the NHS in England. The aim is to create a paperless service that would be more convenient for patients, and help doctors to provide faster diagnoses.  More than £4bn has been set aside for areas such as electronic records and online appointments, prescriptions and consultations.

Full details of the funding are being agreed between the Department of Health and NHS England, but are expected to include:

  • £1.8bn to create a paper-free NHS and remove outdated technology like fax machines
  • £1bn on cyber security and data consent
  • £750m to transform out-of-hospital care, medicines and digitise social care and emergency care
  • About £400m to build a new website – – develop apps and provide free wi-fi

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