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Report Finds Continuing Regional Disparities in Wisconsin on Cost, Inflation and Quality

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Citizen Action of Wisconsin released its 10th Annual Wisconsin Health Insurance Cost Ranking report, ranking the cities and regions of Wisconsin on health insurance costs, rate of inflation, and quality.  The report found wide disparities between higher and lower cost regions of Wisconsin, as well as large differences in the rate of health insurance inflation. There is a 30% variation in the for all types of health insurance for premiums and deductibles between the lowest cost metro area (Madison) and the highest cost area (Milwaukee), which amounts to a difference of $2,221.48 per year for single health coverage.

A second report released by Citizen Action of Wisconsin compared health insurance costs in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The “Tale of Two States 2016” report documents total healthcare cost – premiums and deductibles – variations between Wisconsin and Minnesota, as well as the major metropolitan areas in both states. For the first time the report shows both monthly premiums and deductibles to reveal the total costs

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