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The Leapfrog Group Release C-Section Rates by Hospital

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The Leapfrog Group released new information on hospital rates of cesarean sections (C-sections), allowing consumers to compare by hospital at the national level.

These findings came from Leapfrog’s annual hospital survey, for which 1,122 hospitals reported a C-section rate. Endorsed by The Joint Commission, National Quality Forum (NQF), and CMS, the C-section measure identifies pregnancies that are unlikely to need surgical intervention during labor. The measure, Nulliparous Term Singleton Vertex Cesarean Section Rate (NTSV C-Section), counts first-time pregnancies (nulliparous) that have reached the 37th week or later mark (term) and consist of one fetus (singleton) in the head-down position (vertex). Leapfrog’s panel of experts recommended an initial target rate of 23.9 percent, derived from Healthy People 2020, a national initiative designed to make significant improvements to people’s health by year 2020. Each year, Leapfrog’s expert panel will review the target rate to ensure hospitals are held to the highest standards of care.

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C-Section Rates by Hospital

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