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Connecticut Department of Health Releases Report on Adverse Events Reporting

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The Connecticut Department of Health released a new report on the incidence of hospital adverse events in 2014,  For 2014 the number of adverse events reports was 12% lower than the preceding year.  The most common adverse events among reports were:  (1) stage 3-4 or unstageable pressure ulcers acquired after admission to a healthcare facility, (2) falls resulting in serious disability or death, (3) perforations during open, laparoscopic, and/or endoscopic procedures, and (4) retention of foreign objects in patients after surgery.  These four categories accounted for 89% of events reported in 2014

Adverse event data were obtained from the electronic database at DPH.  Inpatient days and primary payer information for acute care hospitals was obtained from hospital discharge data routinely gathered by the Office of Healthcare Access (OHCA) at DPH.  Similar information for outpatient childbirth centers, hospice, chronic disease hospitals, and hospitals for the mentally ill, and outpatient surgical centers was obtained by DPH from those facilities.

Read full report: (PDF)

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