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HCCI Releases New Data to Assess Health Care Markets Across the Country

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Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) released the Healthy Marketplace Index Report (HMI), showing the economic performance of more than 40 health care markets across the country. In an accompanying data brief and interactive mapping tool, HCCI highlights geographic variations illuminated by the HMI, comparing health care prices and utilization across markets. HCCI’s analysis found stark differences between markets within the same state. For example, in Colorado, price levels (prices) for inpatient care in the Fort Collins area are, on average, 43 percent higher than prices in the Colorado Springs market. However, HCCI also identified states where markets were more aligned with one another. For example, in Georgia, inpatient and outpatient prices in the Atlanta metropolitan area are similar to those in the Augusta area.

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Read report: 2015 Healthy Marketplace Index Report (PDF)

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