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National Quality Forum Revises Sepsis Measure

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NQF has endorsed changes to an element of a sepsis measure, the Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Management Bundle (NQF measure #0500), that makes the use of a central venous catheter to monitor blood oxygen or pressure levels optional instead of required.

The endorsement follows an ad hoc review of the measure by NQF’s Patient Safety Standing Committee, in light of new scientific evidence that found that patients with severe sepsis who received this invasive monitoring (known as early goal-directed therapy) had no different outcomes than those who received care without it. After initially recommending the removal of the element of the measure pertaining to invasive monitoring, the committee reached a compromise solution between the measure developer, Henry Ford Hospital, and key stakeholders, including the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the American College of Emergency Physicians. The revised measure allows reassessment of a septic patient’s condition through other means.

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