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American Medical Association Adopts Policies to Improve Data and Price Transparency

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As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure greater health care transparency that can improve health outcomes, increase the value of health care spending and strengthen physician-patient relationships, the American Medical Association (AMA) at its annual meeting passed two new policies that address the growing interest in health care data and price transparency.

Over the past few years, large amounts of health care information have increasingly become publically accessible through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other sources, such as all-payer claims databases, registries and qualified entities (QEs). While more health information is available to the public, much of the released data is not timely or actionable and lacks context.  The two new AMA policies aim to address these limitations and ensure physicians, practices, care systems, physician-led organizations and other relevant stakeholders can proactively access meaningful health care information that will help physicians improve the quality reporting of patient care data, foster more medical innovation and enable new delivery and payment models. In addition, they support efforts to improve the health literacy of patients so they can understand the health care pricing information that they may access.

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