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Focusing on Delivering High Quality Healthcare

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Patients want to receive health care that is of the highest quality. Physicians want to provide it. But what is “high quality health care?” writes  The Institute of Medicine (IOM), a highly regarded independent organization established by Congress to advise on health care issues – the gold standard on improving our nation’s health – last month released a report. “Vital Signs: Core Metrics for Health and Health Care Progress.”  The IOM panel of experts identified 15 measures, narrowed down from hundreds, with the best potential for improving health, including reducing the overall rate of preventable deaths.The consensus: if the U.S. systematically raises its performance in each of these 15 domains, the quality of life for millions would improve dramatically. contributor recommends focusing on the seven that relate to direct health care delivery and better care for patients – Overweight and obesity; Addictive behaviors; Preventive services; Patient safety; Unintended pregnancy; Access to care; Evidence-based care.

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