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ONC Issue Brief Says Widespread EHR Adoption, Health IT Use Improve Patient Safety

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Widespread EHR adoption and the short-term impacts of meaningful use are measurably improving patient safety, the Office of the National Coordinator says in a new issue brief.  Despite ongoing concerns about transcription errors and poor EHR data integrity that may put patients at risk for medication mistakes and other adverse care coordination events, health IT has done more good than harm over the past decade and a half, writes Health IT Analytics.  Since the landmark To Err is Human patient safety report published by the Institute of Medicine in 2000, providers and rulemakers have been deeply concerned that health IT could produce more problems than it solves.  The EHR Incentive Programs moved forward a decade later with little hard evidence about how computer-based workflows and automated, data-driven analytics systems would impact critical patient care concerns, Andrew Gettinger (Chief Medical Information Officer and Acting Director of the ONC’s Office of Clinical Quality and Safety) says, but the body of knowledge has grown considerably over the past six years – with generally positive results.

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  1. Recent Evidence that Health IT Improves Patient Safety, Issue Brief, February 2015
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