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Leapfrog Group: Enhanced Hospital Safety Score Helps Patients Track U.S. Hospitals’ Consistency in Preventing Harm

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The Leapfrog Group released updated and enhanced data for the Hospital Safety Score, which assigns A, B, C, D and F grades to more than 2,500 U.S. hospitals based on their ability to prevent errors, injuries, accidents, and infections. For the first time, the Hospital Safety Score website offers an enhanced feature, allowing users to view a hospital’s current score alongside its previous scores over the past three years, so that consumers can evaluate whether the hospital has maintained consistently strong performance or shown a pattern of improvement. Leapfrog will also cite the 182 hospitals that consistently received an A grade for safety and will label each hospital with a “Straight A’s” logo on the Hospital Safety Score website.

The findings from the Spring 2015 update to the Hospital Safety Score show that while hospitals have made statistically significant improvements since Fall 2014 on several pre- and post-surgery safety processes, as well as the implementation of computerized medication prescribing systems, their performance on safety outcomes—including preventing errors, accidents and infections—has not significantly improved.

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