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Minnesota Department of Health Annual Report On Patient Safety Find Fewer Deaths But More Errors

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The Minnesota Department of Health released its 11th annual report on patient safety which found more errors but fewer deaths in Minnesota hospitals during the time period October 2013 through October 2014.. In the last year, the requirements for reporting facilities have increased through of the addition of four new reportable event categories:

  1. Death or Serious Injury Resulting from Failure to Follow Up or Communicate Laboratory, Pathology or Radiology Test Results
  2. Irretrievable Loss of an Irreplaceable Biological Specimen
  3. Neonatal Death or Serious Injury Associated with Labor & Delivery in a Low-Risk Pregnancy
  4. Death or Serious Injury of a Patient Associated with the Introduction of a Metallic Object into the MRI Area

.Including these new categories, there were 308 adverse health events reported to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) in the October 2013 to October 2014 reporting period.

Read full report: Adverse Health Events in Minnesota (PDF)

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