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Hospital quality data updated on CMS Hospital Compare

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The following is a summary of the latest quality data update posted to CMS Hospital Compare (April 17th):

  • HCAHPS: 2012Q3_2013Q2
  • HQA measures (HA, HF, SCI, PN): 2012Q3_2013Q2
  • Emergency Department Care measures: 2012Q3_2013Q2 except for one measure – Percentage of patients who left the emergency department before being seen: 2012Q1_2012Q2
  • Preventive Care measures:
  1. Patients assessed & given influenza vaccination: 2012Q4_2013Q1
  2. Patients assessed & given pneumonia vaccination 2012Q3_2013Q2
  • Stroke Care measures: 2013Q1_2013Q2
  • Blood clot & treatment & prevention measures: 2013Q1_2013Q2
  • Pregnancy & delivery care measures: 2013Q1_2013Q2
  • Readmissions & death rates measures:
  1. 30-day outcomes: 2009Q3_2012Q2, except for one measure: Rate of unplanned readmissions after discharge from hospital (hospital-wide): 2011Q3_2012Q2
  2. Surgical complication measures: 2010Q3_2012Q2, except for one measure: Rate of complications for hip/knee replacement patients: 2009Q3_2012Q1
  3. HAI measures:
    • CLABSI, CAUTI, SSI: Colon, SSI: Hysterectomy: 2012Q3_2013Q2
    • MRSA (bloodstream infections), Cdiff (intestinal infections): 2013Q1_2013Q2
  4. Other readmissions measure: American College of Cardiology PCI readmission measure: 1/1/2010-11/30/2011
  • Outpatient measures:
  1. HA, SCI: 2012Q3_2013Q2
  2. Use of medical imaging measures: 2011Q1_2011Q4
  • Medicare payment: 2012Q1_2012Q4
  • Number of Medicare patients: 2011Q4_2012Q3
  • Structural measures: 2012Q1_2012Q4
  • HIT measures: 2012Q1_2012Q2
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