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Data refresh on CMS Hospital Compare

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Data has been updated on CMS Hospital Compare as follows:

  • HCAHPS measures: updated to 11Q3_12Q2
  • HQA measures: HA, HF, PN and SCI updated to11Q3_12Q2
  • Emergency department care measures updated to 12Q1_12Q2
  • Preventive care measures updated to: 12Q1_12Q2
  • HAI Measures updated as follows:
    • Central Line Bloodstream Infections: 11Q3_12Q2
    • Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections 12Q1_12Q2
    • Surgical Site Infections from colon surgery (SSI: Colon) 12Q1_12Q2
    • Surgical Site Infections from abdominal hysterectomy (SSI: Hysterectomy) 12Q1_12Q2
  • HIT measures updated to 12Q1_12Q2
  • Structural measures updated to report 12Q1_12Q2 except for one measure (Multispecialty surgical registry) reporting 11Q3_12Q2

Measuresets not updated:

  • Readmission & mortality measures are still reporting 08Q3_11Q2
  • IQI & PSI measures (Serious Complications & deaths) still reporting 09Q3_11Q2
  • HAC measures still reporting 09Q3_11Q2
  • Medicare payment measures still reporting same time periods as follows:
    • Number of medicare patients treated: 10/1/2010-9/30/2011
    • Spending per Hospital Patient with Medicare: 5/1/2011-12/31/2011
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