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MN Community Measurement releases Health Care Disparities Report for Minnesota Health Care Programs

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MN Community Measurement released its 2009 Health Care Disparities Report for Minnesota Health Care Programs, comparing medical group performance for public and private purchasers using health plan data. The report presents data at a statewide and medical group level that explores the degree to which health care best practices (recommended clinical performance targets) are achieved by physicans caring for patients enrolled in Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP).

The ten measures in this report were selected by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) based on their relevance to patients enrolled in MHCP:
• Optimal Diabetes Care
• Controlling High Blood Pressure
• Use of Appropriate Medications for People with Asthma
• Appropriate Treatment for Childreb with Upper Respiratory Infection
• Appropriate Testing for Children with Pharyngitis
• Breast Cancer Screening
• Cervical Cancer Screening
• Colorectal Cancer Screening
• Chlamydia Screening
• Childhood Immunization Status

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