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Health insurance premiums increase for New York city residents

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Kaiser Network writes: The average monthly premium for family health coverage in New York City has increased by 13% since April 2008, from $3,866 to $4,354, according to a New York Post analysis of new data from the New York State Insurance Department. According to the analysis, of the eight insurers offering policies in New York City, six have raised their rates in the past year .

The increases were 35% for GHI HMO Select, 27% for Aetna Health, 15% for Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York, 10% for Atlantis Health Plan and 8% for Oxford Health Plans. There was no change for Managed Health, while Empire Healthchoice HMO cut rates by 6%. Premiums for New York City residents who agreed to stay in-network were less costly, but the average premiums for an in-network family plan still increased by 13% from $2,624 to $2,966, according to the Post.

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