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I was sent this press release, which covers the July launch of

I had a quick look, and was surprised to see two hospital reviews get published immediately, not sure if they were moderated or not. Also, my one review of each hospital was enough to generate a score for future viewers, although it’s pretty clear that only one survey was submitted.

Overall it’s extremely easy to use, lots and lots of providers in there, definitely worth checking out. As with all these sites, they’re pretty much stuck until they can get enough reviews in them, so go add some! ( lets visitors share their experiences, research quality data, review other users’ ratings and contact providers directly. The website is unique because it is free to consumers and its database includes more than 52,000 health care providers nationwide such as hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, rehabilitation facilities and home care agencies.

Most other sites only focus on one of these types of health care providers. “Patients and their loved ones have a lot to say about the care they receive, good and bad,” says Barbara O’Connell, co-founder of

“One can often overhear them sharing their experiences with anyone who will listen because they want others to learn from their experience. This is why we are excited to announce the launch of”

Patients rate the care they received on a scale of one to five, leave comments and nominate an exceptional caregiver for recognition. Ratings are instantly aggregated and shared with the world, allowing future patients to learn from former patients’ experiences before they choose a facility or service. In addition to patient feedback, visitors to can also view quality data on all facilities as well as amenities, photos and virtual tours of participating facilities.

“There are so many things to consider when choosing a health care provider, it can be very confusing. This website finally brings them all together in a clear and concise manner that is easy to use,” says Dawn Hall, co-founder. “We encourage all patients to leave feedback, no matter what their experience,” says O’Connell. “It is rare to hear good things in health care anymore, so we want to encourage positive feedback, not just negative.”

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