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Utah To Track Episodes of Care

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In a move to further health system reform, the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) Health Data Committee has selected new software that will capture significantly more health care data than ever before. The software will support an ‘all claims’ database that will aid in the analysis of information on visits to clinics, doctors’ offices and urgent care centers. Previously, the UDOH was able to gather only data generated through hospital, ambulatory surgery center and emergency department visits.

The database, supported with software from 3M Health Information Systems and Care Advantage, Inc., will be a rich source of information necessary for system reform. It is the first in the country to propose analyzing entire episodes of care derived from statewide health insurance claims. An episode of care is defined as a complete course of care from the initial diagnosis through treatment and follow-up.

“By examining an episode of care from start to finish, the ‘real’ costs of care can be compared, rather than the costs of the individual components, such as delivery alone,” said Keely Cofrin Allen, Ph.D., Director, Office of Health Care Statistics and Executive Secretary of the Health Data Committee.

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