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NJ, PA hospital mistakes not being reported

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Hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are required to report mistakes and complications to state monitoring agencies. Fierce Healthcare reports that often they are not doing so. A conclusion drawn by observers in those states argue that the hospitals’ failure to comply with regulations is compromising ongoing efforts to boost patient safety.

Researchers found several major errors and complications at hospitals in Pennsylvania last year, none of which had been reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. In New Jersey, five of the state’s 80 hospitals didn’t report any preventable mistakes at all last year, and in Pennsylvania, some facilities didn’t report any serious mistakes or even near misses.

Such reporting gaps, in part, can be solved by training more staff members and working to improve treatment, according to hospital associations in both states. However, reporting gaps like these also suggest that it may be quite some time before the large number of states requiring such reporting–a total of 26 at present–can actually have a shot at making the impact they’d hoped to make. (Whether such reporting can really help hospitals make appropriate changes in the first place, of course, is a discussion all its own.)

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