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California hospital strives for top performance

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As part of its stated mission to be among the 5 percent of top-performing hospitals in the country, El Camino has commenced aggregating all of the hospital’s information from separate systems onto a single system (Healthcare IT News).

The move is part of a three-year initiative aimed at helping El Camino Hospital achieve a top 5 percent ranking among U.S. hospitals across all of its service lines. This will enable them to quickly collect, view and analyze data of any type to gain insight into the hospital’s performance and greater opportunity to innovate for improved quality.

El Camino is currently building a scorecard for evaluating hospital units and individual clinicians in 12 areas of patient care, including cardiovascular, oncological, surgical and obstetric excellence; care of the septic and critically ill patient; care of common severe illnesses; care of the patient with specific needs; patient safety and process control; hospital-acquired infections; patient experience; hospital complications; and efficiency and throughput.

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