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BCBS Illinois To End Reimbursements to Hospitals for Treatment Related to Serious Medical Errors

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Kaiser Network reports Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois recently announced plans to end reimbursements to hospitals for treatment that results from serious medical errors.

BCBS Illinois spokesperson Jack Segal said that the health plan has not finalized a list of serious medical errors included under the policy. He said, “The majority of hospitals do not bill us for never events, but given the complexity of billing, billing systems and billing agencies, some never events may slip through,” adding, “With this new policy in place, we can work to close the gaps, and also focus on improving quality.”

Other health plans continue focus on non-payment for preventable medical errors. Insurers such as Aetna and Wellpoint now include provisions in some contracts that they will not pay for care related to 28 “never events” identified by the National Quality Forum. UnitedHealth Group and Cigna are also considering moves.

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