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Robin at Managed Care Contracting recently sent us a link and we’ve added her blog to the roll on the right. Robin covers health care transparency from time to time, especially as it impacts the relationship between payors and providers.

Robin had also given us a heads-up about Arizona’s new hospital compare site at, another site in the long line of hospital association-sponsored Web sites. It’s old news now (my fault, not Robin’s), but worth checking out.

Raymond at E-mailed me to let me know about his site, and I took a look. At first glance it seems to be a Web 2.0 conceptual mashup of HealthGrades and RateMDs in that there’s a good amount of public data on all sorts of facilities, but it’s bolstered by user-generated reviews.

The site is easy to use, quick to navigate, and has data on hospitals, dialysis centers, nursing homes and more.

All reports are free of charge. The Web site is at and is run under very much the same principles we operate under here, namely open access to public information about the cost and quality of health care.

Julia Hallisy, author of the recently-released book “The Empowered Patient: Hundreds of life-saving facts, action steps and strategies you need to know” E-mailed to let us know the book stresses transparency and gives the reader the information they need to be sure that they receive health care that is safe and effective. The Web site is

R. Scott pointed out two links that have plenty of cost information. One is which has pricing for tons of services, the site serves as a patient/doctor introduction service. The other is Solantic Urgent Care which if I understand correctly is a network of walk-in urgent care facilities that have their prices very clearly displayed, for example:

What your visit will cost:
Level 1: Triage Care: $79 – clinical visit with no diagnostic lab tests or other procedures
Level 2: $129 – clinical visit with one procedure from the list below including laceration treatment with no sutures or injections
Level 3: $189 – clinical visit with more than one procedure from the list including laceration treatment with sutures and/or certain injections (see below)

Paula Acosta linked us to her blog: Promoting Independence & Dignity — Living with Chronic Conditions or Disability, an issue that we think can be impacted by increased transparency in the industry. As she puts it: “The purpose is to empower consumers to request services at home or in the workplace before considering facility long-term care.”

Thanks for the link Paula!

That wraps up our overdue correspondence, please keep your comments coming in, thank you to all those who have sent in kind words, and don’t forget to let us know of local health care transparency reporting in your area.

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