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Georgia PriceCheck System

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Georgia Price Check System

Frequency: Quarterly

Measure Type: Cost

Georgia’s Hospital Association has collaborated with Wisconsin’s Hospital Association PricePoint System to establish a hospital price check system available to consumers. The database provides the average hospital charge, number of cases and a patient’s average length of stay. The website is published by the Partnership for Health and Accountability (PHA), affiliated with Georgia’s Hospital Association Research and Education Foundation.

The hospital report consists of information from both Georgia’s Hospital PriceCheck and Georgia’s Hospital QualityCheck. Their PriceCheck system provides cost and length of stay information to the public; whereas, the QualityCheck system presents information on process measures. Georgia’s hospital association uses a PHA quality index (method of hospital comparison) to measure process, and patient safety data. The process measure looks at heart attack, heart failure, and pneumonia. Patient safety is based on keeping individuals admitted to the hospital secure from harm- while in the hospital. The data is updated quarterly.

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