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Principles to Guide Physician Performance Reporting

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Principles to Guide Physician Performance Reporting:
Leading consumer, employer and labor organizations recently announced a comprehensive national agreement with leading physician groups and health insurers. They have developed a guide on how health plans measure a doctors’ performance-reporting the information to consumers.

The “Patient Charter for Physician Performance Measurement, Reporting and Tiering Programs” creates a national set of principles to guide measuring and reporting for consumers on a doctors’ performance.

Once implemented, the Patient Charter will ensure that:

  • Consumers can make more informed decisions based on both quality and cost, with adequate guidance about how to use the information and any limitations in the data.
  • Measurement is based on sound national standards and methodology.
  • Both consumers and physicians have input into the measurement process and how results are reported. This will help ensure that information is trusted by physicians and meaningful to consumers.
  • Measurement is a transparent process so that both consumers and physicians can understand the basis upon which performance is being measured and reported.
  • Physicians have adequate notice and opportunity to correct any errors. There will be no surprises.
  • Physicians will have information that helps them improve the quality of care they provide.
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