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Utah's Department of Health Introduces Online Story Bank

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Government Technology: Utah’s Department of Health Introduces Online Story Bank

Jenny Johnson of the BHP Genomics program, and Jane have launched a personal health living campaign. Utahns are able to read and create their own stories relating to health topics/concerns one may have. They’ve created a place online where these stories can be shared:

The Utah Health Story Bank project is led by the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) Bureau of Health Promotion (BHP). BHP programs are responsible for health education campaigns focusing on prevention and control of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Health professionals know that shared experiences can be valuable tools in convincing people to make changes in their personal health behavior.

Patients can post their stories by visiting the UDOH Web site ( and then clicking on the ‘Utah Health Story Bank’ icon. Once at the story bank, they can register and then submit their story. All stories will be kept confidential and will only be shared with the public, legislators, or other health professionals with express permission from the person submitting the story.

Storytelling is a time-tested teaching practice used to share messages and make them memorable. The method has been found effective in a variety of informal and formal settings.

There is no limit on the number of stories a person may submit to the story bank, and one does not have to suffer from heart disease, asthma or another chronic disease to share a health story. One may share his or her experiences with traumatic injury or domestic abuse, as well. All stories will be screened for appropriate language and content.

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