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What's New at OutofPocket

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Mona Lori writes: Since launching this past summer, we have accumulated almost 100,000 health care prices in the directory from consumers, providers that disclose pricing, and Medicare payment data. Many of you shared your comments with us on how we can improve the site – thank you very much for your feedback. We are now in the process of working on the next release of the website and hope to have it available in early 2008. The new version of the website will include enhanced searching capabilities, a redesign of the “add a visit” wizard to make it easier for you to add your visits, and new features to make your search results more meaningful and comprehensive.

We recently added a blog to the website and we would like to invite you to share your comments, tips or useful information on how to find a good deal for health care services. Be sure to check out our News section to see what people are saying about us.
Thank you for your interest in OutofPocket. As always, I welcome any comments you would like to share.

Happy Holidays,

Mona Lori

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