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Health care access, quality, cost, and efficiency vary widely across the United States, report finds

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According to a report released by The Commonwealth Fund, all states could do more to improve access to low-cost health care, insurance coverage and high-quality medical care for residents.

The State Scorecard assesses state variation across key dimensions of health system performance: access, quality, avoidable hospital use and costs, equity, and healthy lives. The findings document wide variation among states and the potential for substantial improvement—in terms of access, quality, costs, and lives—if all states approached levels achieved by the top states. Leading states outperform lagging states on multiple indicators and dimensions; yet, all states have room to improve. The report presents state performance on 32 indicators, with overall rankings as well as ranks on each dimension. The findings underscore the need for federal and state action in key areas to move all states to higher levels of performance and value.

Read report: Aiming Higher: Results from a State Scorecard on Health System Performance

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