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Missouri hospital posts hospital charges

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Truman Medical Centers in Missouri has followed the lead of other hospitals (such as Waukesha Memorial Hospital) by posting prices for many of its most frequently performed medical procedures on its Web site.

The amounts shown on the Truman Web site include hospital and physician prices, listed separately. The prices are given as a “range” rather than one fixed amount, as prices can vary widely due to patient complications, physicians’ instructions and whether the service requires a hospital stay. It is worth noting however that hospital prices will vary among different health insurance groups.

Estimated charges are posted on the Web site for the following services: Bones/Joints/Muscles; Emergency Department; Gastrointestinal (GI); General Office Visit General Surgery; Ophthalmology Services; Radiology; and Women’s/Childbirth/Newborn Services.

The move by Truman is in line with the general movement by consumer groups and health-care experts for greater access to hospital cost information.

– Truman Medical Centers Procedure Charge Lookup

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