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Private Insurance Company Price Disclosure Web Sites

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In June 2006, Aetna began providing consumers with online access to the rates it negotiates with physicians in several U.S. cities. In August 2006, Aetna posted new information that will allow its members in some areas to access price data for the top 30 physician services, as well as physician performance data.

Cigna posts cost and quality data for inpatient services performed at hospitals, as well as outpatient procedures performed at stand-alone surgical centers. The website includes cost and quality information for 21 inpatient, 16 outpatient and 3 medical imaging services performed by specific health care facilities (this information is currently for Cigna members only). Cigna hopes to have cost and quality information available for individual physicians by 2008.

In July 2006, Humana launched a feature on its website that allows its members to compare the average negotiated prices of more than 30 procedures in 10 disease categories at local hospitals.

In October 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Spectrum Health began posting prices for more than 100 inpatient and outpatient services. The prices are approximate and include only what hospitals charge; no physician charges are outlined.

United HealthCare offers its members online access to a cost estimator that provides an average national cost for common health and dental procedures.

WellPoint launched a website in September 2006 that allows members to compare hospital prices for the total care associated with several common procedures.

Source: State Legislation Relating to Disclosure of Hospital and Health Charges: Private Insurance Company Price Disclosure Websites

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