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State Legislation Related to Healthcare Public Reporting:

  • House Bill 06-1278: Colorado Hospital Report Card Act (2006)
    Requires the publishing of a Colorado Hospital Report Card to the general public to allows consumers to conduct an interactive search that allows them to view and compare the information for specific hospitals.
  • Hospital Report Card Act – Rev CO Rev Stat § 25-3-701 (2016):
  • SB17-056: Transparency In Direct Pay Health Care Prices 
    Requires health-care facilities such as hospitals to post the self-pay prices for the 50 most used diagnosis-related group codes — the most common reasons for hospitalizations — and the 25 most-used current procedural technology billing codes.  Physicians’ offices and other individual health-care providers, meanwhile, are required just to post the prices for their 15 most common procedures. The prices, however, are only those that apply to people who are paying on their own without the help of public or private insurance in a state where less than 7 percent of the population is uninsured.