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Study Finds New CMS Hospital Star Ratings Disproportionately Benefit Specialty Hospitals

Modern Healthcare writes: The CMS’ latest star-ratings formula disproportionately rates specialty hospitals better than major teaching hospitals, according to a Modern Healthcare analysis of quality performance data. The CMS updated its star ratings in December with a new formula intended to improve accuracy and fairness. But a study of the most recent CMS data show that the majority of specialty hospitals received five-star ratings—the highest rating a facility can receive—while a small number of major teaching hospitals received the same recognition. Of the 74 specialty hospitals that received a star rating in December, 45—or 61%—received a five-star rating and 16—or 22%—received a four-star rating, according to the analysis. By comparison, of the 172 major teaching hospitals that received a star rating from the CMS, just 15—or 9%—got a five-star rating and 25—or 15%—received four stars.

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