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Emergency Admissions at End-Of-Life Largest Cost for NHS, Report Finds

A report by Marie Curie, a UK Cancer Charity, found that the NHS is struggling to cope with Accident & Emergency admissions of people who are in the last year of their lives. New data collected by Marie Curie has revealed there were over 1.6 million emergency admissions for people in the last year of their life in Britain in 2016, costing the NHS £2.5 billion and amounting to around 11 million days in hospital. Research by the Nuffield Trust has shown that hospital costs are by far the largest cost involved in end of life care – with the bulk of this due to emergency hospital admissions – and that potential savings might be made if community-based support were made more widely available. Marie Curie received data from NHS Wales, NHS Scotland and NHS Digital on the number and duration of emergency admissions for people in the last year of life between 2011 and 2016.

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