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Minnesota Department of Health Report Shows Major Price Differences at Minnesota Hospitals for Common Procedures

A new report of actual prices paid for a set of four different common procedures at Minnesota hospitals found huge swings in prices depending on which hospital a patient selected. This report, released by the Minnesota Department of Health, assesses the actual prices paid for hospital facility fees in Minnesota, among four common, clinically uncomplicated inpatient treatments in orthopedic and obstetric care. The prices are gleaned from theĀ  Minnesota All-Payer Claims Database (MN APCD), which consists of data stripped of personal identifiers, from more than 1.1 billion health care claims coming from private and public payers covering more than 4.3 million people in Minnesota. More than 100 organizations and programs supply de-identified data to the MN APCD, making it the most robust dataset in Minnesota for assessing costs of, and use of, health care.

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