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Colorado New Legislation Leads Transparency In Direct Pay Health Care Prices

Denver Business Journal writes hospitals across Colorado must begin posting self-pay prices Monday for the most common procedures and treatments they offer, under requirements from  Colorado Senate Bill 65. Under the new law, health-care facilities such as hospitals must post the self-pay prices for the 50 most used diagnosis-related group codes — the most common reasons for hospitalizations — and the 25 most-used current procedural technology billing codes. Those prices can reflect the most frequent charge over the past 12 months for a service, the highest charge from the lowest half of all the charges for the service or a range that includes the middle 50 percent of all charges for the service. The facility must have performed a service at least 11 times in the past year.  Physicians’ offices and other individual health-care providers, meanwhile, are required just to post the prices for their 15 most common procedures.  The prices, however, are only those that apply to people who are paying on their own without the help of public or private insurance in a state where less than 7 percent of the population is uninsured.

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