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Canada: Positive Patient Experience Yields Health Care Benefits

When Canadians have access to their health information, they are better equipped to be an integral part of their health care team. Access to health information and other consumer e-services is leading to some important health care benefits for Canadians and clinicians according to a body of international and Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) research.  Consumer digital health solutions, whether online or through mobile devices, include: e-booking, which enables Canadians to book and manage their appointments online; e-visits which provide the ability to consult healthcare providers via secure email/messaging or videoconference; e-prescription renewal or refill which gives the ability to request a medication renewal or a refill online; and e-views which provide access to a patient’s health record including clinical information such as laboratory test results.  According to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) report, Feeling Better? Improving patient experience in hospital, organizations with strong emphasis on providing high-quality patient experience have found that it is linked to better health outcomes and improved productivity and efficiency, which has been demonstrated in a number of Infoway projects.

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